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The device is known with a name called MagicJack, it is connected to your PC, and then next it helps you to connect your p****ne with the standard RJ- 11 p****ne jack. MagicJack Error Code 23 pops up on your display with a tone on the receiver and it confirms some mishap with the connectio

MagicJack Error Code 23 pops up Cause:

Connection problem:

many times, the error pops up because of an issue in the connection with your outlet in which you make a connection with your device. It may be a router, PC, or even on a wall. It is also possible that you have connected your device correctly however; at the time of connection, it has created some issues.

MagicJack Error Code 23 pops up Closed ports:

The firewall security of your router has been connected with a method like ports that are not being opened due to which an issue takes place.

Outdated firmware:

many times, the firmware used with MagicJack might be outdated and it becomes a reason you are facing issues at the time of making a connection to the server. For server issues, you can take help from the MagicJack phone number.


Defected USB port: an issue in the USB port can be a reason for an error popped up. It is important to check your USB port that is offering the required power to your device.


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