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Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to you and it's important to us!

We are committed to always being responsible with the information you provide to us. We will always do our best to handle the information in a responsible manner and to secure it as well as possible.

We give you control over the information you provide to us. This is generally all adjustable by you on the account settings webpage

We also try to be up-front about the information we collect from you.


To create an account on (hereafter “website”) you must agree to our terms The only personal information we require to sign-up for an account is a working email address. All other information is optional. At any time, you can delete your account

Information we collect from you

When you setup your account initially, we ask for a username, email address, password and gender.

Account Profile Information

We collect information that you voluntarily provide in your general account settings. That information may be visible to other users of the website. If you do not provide any of that information, other users of the website will only see your username.

Provided Content

Users of the website can provide information which may be of a personally identifying nature. Such content should be considered accessible by all users of the website.

Social Media

If you use social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or others, and you provide your username, other website users may be able to see that information.

Additional Information

We collect other information you provide through use of the website such as your opinions, locations, answers to surveys and online questionnaires.


This website uses cookies and similar technologies to provide and improve your online experience. Your web browser cookies are used to distinguish you from other users and some variable data may be stored within those cookies. The cookies may be session based or persistent. We also make use of 3rd party cookies for website usage heuristics and advertising. Where 3rd party cookies are used, their privacy and cookie policies apply.

You can find out more about cookies and obtain advice identifying cookies that have been set along with how you can control/delete them by visiting

Cookies we utilize:

Type of cookie



These cookies store information to distinguish your login session from other login sessions so we always display your account and website related content


These cookies allow us to identify your account to display advertising that may appeal to you. It may be based on your browsing habits, posted information or displayed content.

Performance or Analytics

We are always trying to improve the engagement in our website and use the information provided to improve the services the website provides.

Account Preferences

These cookies will store information related to how you want the website to work for you.

When are cookies used?

We use cookies any time a user authenticates with the website and throughout the duration of the user's visit.

3rd Party Cookies

Cookies are provided by 3rd parties such as Google for analytics and Amazon for affiliate advertising

You can control cookies

You can find out more about cookies and obtain advice identifying cookies that have been set along with how you can control/delete them by visiting

Other helpful resources

To learn more about advertisers' use of cookies we encourage you to view the following:

European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EU)

Internet Advertising Bureau (US)

Internet Advertising Bureau (EU)

If you have any questions regarding our policy on cookies please contact us by email at

Date of last revision: 29 MARCH 2018